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What is Electropolishing?

Stainless steel products will rust due to the presence in the surface of the metal of iron (Fe) which combines with moisture to cause corrosion. This deterioration is accelerated in seaside locations because of the salt in the water and atmosphere. Fabricated sections of stainless steel (welded, drilled or cut) are vulnerable because the iron in the surface is exposed. Electropolishing is a scientific process conducted in an electrolytic tank – the tank is filled with an electrolyte through which direct electric currents are passed (positive and negative) creating a strong magnetic field. The resultant force, combining with the electrolyte, produces a chemical reaction of sufficient magnitude to remove from the surface of the stainless steel a microscopic layer of metal. The result is a bright chrome surface, clean and smooth and very resistant to rust or tea-staining. The process of electropolishing has been utilised in the stainless steel industry for the purpose of providing the most effective way of polishing the metal’s surface, but more importantly, of providing a surface far more resistant to rust or tea-staining.

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Our Facilities

Adelaide Electropolishing operates a with a main bath size of 4m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 1.m (d).


The plant is located in the Greenfields Industrial Estate - located in close proximity to the city of Adelaide and the surrounding industrial area's.

Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing produces a combination of properties which can be achieved by no other method of surface finishing. Mechanical grinding, belting, and buffing can produce beautiful mirror-like results on stainless steel, but the processes are labor intensive and leave the surface layer distorted, highly stressed, and contaminated with grinding media. The passivation methods commonly employed produce clean, corrosion resistant surfaces, but do not achieve the bright, lustrous appearance obtained by electropolishing. The corrosion resistance of electropolished stainless steel exceeds that of standard passivation processes.

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